Monday, June 8, 2009

Summer vacation

Today marks our first official day of summer break! I figured the kids would be up and at 'em at the normal time (between 7-715), but they pleasantly suprised me by sleeping until 8! :)
I've decided that this summer cannot be a free-for-all. The kids need to help out around here a bit more than they have been, and they will not be allowed free access to TV and the Wii. I had them earn their Wii time already this morning. Luke offered to pick up the basement and Annaliese needed to clean her room. Adam put books away in their room (they were all over). Luke decided to keep going, so he picked up the living room, front room AND re-organized the shoe closet. Annaliese unloaded the dishwasher. That earned them 45 minutes (started out at 30, but I added 15 more because of the extra work they did). That time came and went and now they're playing together (surprisingly well!) down here while I bl0g. Ok, scratch that...Sam's crying. :(

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