Friday, June 26, 2009

What a week!

This past week has been crazy! We had some major thunderstorms come through here last week, and lightning hit something and caused a power surge in our house. The surge protector that the computer was connected to didn't exactly protect against the surge, and our computer is toast. Thankfully, Jared had bought a used one at work a few weeks ago, so we're not totally without internet. However, EVERYTHING was on that computer, so I've lost my favorites list, pictures, etc. until we can get our info recovered...eventually.

Last weekend, we headed to my parents' house for Father's Day. We went Saturday and had a picnic with my extended family, and Annaliese and I had planned on singing during the 3 services at my dad's church. That was not meant to be. By 9:30pm on Saturday, Annaliese was on her way to the ER at the local hospital in Coldwater. Her asthma (which we'd hoped/thought she'd outgrown) was flaring again, and she was in rough shape. She was admitted and watched overnight. Poor girl...she felt so horrible and apologized to Jared for being in the hospital on both his birthday (June 1) and Father's Day. He spent the night with her, I sang at church in the morning, and she was discharged later that day. This week has been full of antibiotics, steroids, and inhalers. Yuck.

Sunday afternoon, we also received the news that Jared's paternal grandmother had passed away in Alabama. The last time we saw Granny was at Jared's older brother's wedding 12 years ago. We had sent pictures over the years, but her health declined and we've not had much contact with her since then. Jared's mom and dad had been in Oregon on business, so his dad flew to Alabama for the funeral and Jared decided to join him there on Wednesday. It sure surprised his dad when he walked into the church and saw Jared there! They had a good day/evening together, then each flew home/back to Oregon yesterday.

This week was also full of fun for the kids, as they attended a local church's VBS program each evening. They loved it! This is the second week of a kids' program that they've attended this summer, and I've got them registered for another one next month. Such fun (for them AND mommy!!) :)

As I type this, the house is completely silent. The kids are gone for the weekend and Jared and I are heading to a wedding back near Coldwater. My friend Sarah M. took the girls, and my friend Sara S. took the boys. I'm just waiting for Jared to get home so we can pack up and head out of town...can't wait for a good stretch of time alone!! Tomorrow will be a great day of celebration and catching up with old family friends...I'm so excited!!!


Marina said...

Yea! I love your new blog/layout, and stories. I didn't realize Annaliese had a diagnosis. I will be praying for her!
Love, Marina

April said...

Hey, on a note regarding the computer friend's just had the same problem and her insurance company suggested that she contact the surge protector company....sometimes they will take fault for the computer damaged and reimburse you for a new one...might be worth a phone call :)!